City of Greenfield Dept of Parks & Recreation Refund & Credit Policy

Refunds related to program fees will only be made in the following cases: A - The Program is cancelled by the department (100%). B - Change in the published day/time/schedule of program by the department (100%). C - Cancellation by the applicant * Prior to the start of the program, a full refund will be given minus a $4 service fee. * Prior to the second half of the class/program, a 50% refund will be given minus a $4 service fee. * After the first half of the class/program, NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN. All refunds follow the City Finance Department bill paying schedule. There are no cash refunds given. If the program was paid for by a credit card, a refund can be sent back to that same credit card. All refunds are by city check and mailed to the payee indicated on the original registration form. *Items listed in "C" (cancellation by applicant) WILL NOT APPLY in the case of ADULT TEAM SPORTS PROGRAMS. A complete refund minus a $4 service fee on TEAM/LEAGUE ENTRY FEES will only be issues if notification is received at the Parks & Recreation office at least 25 days prior to the announced start of the season/league. Once beyond the stated period, the amount of the refund will be prorated on a daily basis. CREDIT TO ACCOUNT POLICY If you desire or are forced (ie: injury) to discontinue participation in a program, the use of "credit" toward future participation is highly encouraged. The following guidelines will apply: A - The amount of the applicable credit is based on the date/time of request (received in office). B - Credit transactions are not subject to service charges unless a future refund request is received for a previously "credited" program fee(s). C - Credit use is at the discretion of the payee. D - Credit cannot be given for class/session absences.

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